Advances in Stochastics

dedicated to the contributions of Prof. Nikolay Yanev

in the frame of the International Conference “Mathematics Days in Sofia”


he mini-symposium “Advances in Stochastics” is devoted to the advancements in the probability theory, statistical inference, branching processes, stochastic processes, probabilistic and statistical analysis of discrete data, robust and nonparametric statistics, extreme value modeling, time series analysis, asymptotic methods in stochastics and their applications in many areas of mathematics, epidemiology, biology, ecology and others. The works presented honor the substantial contributions of Professor Nikolay Yanev especially in areas of branching processes theory, statistical inferences in branching processes and applications.

Organizing Committee

  • Maroussia Bojkova (Sofia University and Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgaria)

  • Eugenia Stoimenova (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgaria)


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    Program of the workshop:

    … under construction.

    Venue and General Information:

    The mini-symposium will be held at Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Sofia, Acad. Georgi Bontchev Str., Block 8).

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